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Human Resources Prüfung 24.01.2020

1.)a) Describe development of human nature (with dimension)? 1.)b) Taylors human nature? 2.)a) How does AI have an impact on job recruitment? Challenges? 2.)b) Which job are at risk to become automated? 3.)a) Job Characteristic Model in detail? 3.)b) disadvantages / advantages of work specialization (2 each)? 3.)c) What does really motivate us (Video)? 4.)a) Pros and Cons of perfomance based payment? Crowding out effect in this context? 4.)b) What is intrinsic / extrinsic? 4.)c) Car salesman / teacher -> which payment model and why? 5.)a) LMX theory in detail 5.)b) Theory X and Y? Connection to LMX theory?