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Oberflächentechnik/ Surface Technology

1st Test: What ist tribology? What are the 3 laws of friction? Name the main wear mechanisms. Explain tin plate vs. zinc plate as protection. Where does the corrosion (in means of electrochem. Potential) take place? Which sentence is right and why?: big anode-> big catastrophe or big cathode-> big catastrophe

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  1. Test: Name surface modifications. What is dengeln?why is it used, how? What is transformation hardening, how does it work? What is induction hardening? For which materials?At high temperature is it more effectiv for paramagnetic or ferromagnetic materials? Difference between shot peening anf sand blasting? How does it work?how can you increase the fatigue strength without chemical modifications?
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  1. Test: What is eloxal? How is its structure? Why is the base pressure in PVC so important? What are electrochromic and thermochromic coatings? Describe plasma spraying Difference between nitrocarburizing and carbonitriding?
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Does anyone remember questions asked at the last exam regarding PVD? That would help a lot...